So firtst of all, I think i have to introduce myself, and the reasons why i created this home page
So I am a young human, living in france, in paris.

The reason i created this webpage is I have something going on in my mind, and this thing has to go out somewhere. I hope that I'll be able to release my first comic in not too much time, but it's just not now.

Why a comic book ?

First of all, because when you want to tell people something , it's better to illustrate the subject with a story. A comic book because I like to draw. A comic book because U can direct everything in a comic book. U don't have to spend loads of money to make a big impression. U just show what u want to show. The way u want. This is really what u are able to do...and what u want to show.

This web page will also let u understand in which conditions I wrote the storyline, with what music, what movies or books inspired me, which artists i like and helped me creating this ...
So maybe U'll discover something u wouldn't have if u didn't come here... At least it's what i hope: I hope this page will be useful to someone.
The message I want to pass, U'll discover soon enough.
This page will be the archive of my work
Some drawings, some converstations i had, and am still having with people
Like some kind of a making of or work in progress ... well, I let u visit !


.... So this it it ?
I guess ...
It's on then ...
We're gonna let him do that ..
we can't prevent him form doing it anyway ...