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galleries updated -

new full update soon, new graphics, new influences



Bon aller depuis le temps -> X


"You see, airline companies have this policy about vibrating luggages " .....FIGHT CLUB

I have a friend ( amongst others ..).

He's trying ( and succeding actually ) to make us adopt the rakuga ( rakugaki ? ) method ( thank u Mr Terada, now we HAVE to work ..). Since It's really time we all move on to a next level, and I don't want to be left behind, I did begin to draw again yesterday.

You can check this out in the gallery section, I've had a link to sketches ...



New site, new host adress, not so new design, but fresh meat on the stand. You'll find some modification as to the gallery presentation and contents. That's rigth, new art is available. It's been a year this thing hasn't been updated, so I guess some things have changed...Today's France national day, so light r up the skies. CELEBRATE !


Nouveau site, Nouvel hebergeur, un design pas si nouveau, mais de la viande fraiche a vous mettre sous la dent. Vous trouverez quelques modification quand a la presentation des galleries et a leur contenu. Et oui, quelques nouveaux dessins ... Ca fait un an que cette chose n'a pas été mise a jour, alors je suppose que les choses ont changé depuis ... Aujourd'hui c'est le 14 Juillet, jour de la fête nationnale, alros le ciel est plein de lumières .Faites la fête !!.